Top tips for perfect personalisation

Top tips for perfect personalisation

October 05, 2018

If you’re thinking of having a purchase personalised, whether it’s one of our leather belts, clutches or keyrings, or something else, we want to help. Over the years of personalising products for our customers, we’ve picked up a tip or two on how to nail perfect personalisation. And we wanted to share our knowledge here… here are five points to consider… 

  • What initials do you want? Sounds obvious, but you don’t have to have your middle initial on your personalised items if you don’t want! Some prefer just first and last name, some have a nickname, others want all their initials – there’s no right or wrong.
  • Think about the lifestyle of the recipient. We offer silver and gold foil options as well as blind deboss. This means that you can pick from something that stands out (gold or silver) or something more subtle but still beautiful, You might also want to think about what colours they wear – particularly ladies. Jewellery can be a great indicator of whether gold or silver foil is a good option.
  • Do you want a name or just initials? A name can be more personal but we tend to have more people opt for initials as it can feel a little more subtle.
  • Check the initials. If you’re buying a personalised items for a friend, just double check on the initials. Catherine and Kathryn sound the same… but the first letters are quite different!
  • Be mindful – don’t get personalisation that could compromise your security – car registration numbers, house names, etc are generally a no no! 

But how do you know what to get put on your personalised item?


This is a really tricky decision for lots of our customers – do they go for one, two, three or four initials… or even a name? 

Two letters is a good choice for those wanting to keep things simple. If you/your recipient doesn’t have a middle name (or you’re not sure what theirs is!) it’s a safe option.

Three letters is our most popular personalisation and a nod to tradition too. Most people place all the letters in order at the same size… but if you want to jazz it up, you can! If you were buying a keyring for a couple, you could put the first letter of the surname in the centre with each first name initial either side; we have a range of font sizes and an expert on spacing to make this look just right!

Names and phrases can be a bit more involved (and can be very dependent on the room available on the product), but can be extra special.


In essence, it’s up to you! Have a look on our Instagram for some personalisation inspiration, or feel free to get in touch to chat about what you want and need.

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