The M&G Dog Squad Blog - introducing Phoebe from Coral Keen Eventing...

The M&G Dog Squad Blog - introducing Phoebe from Coral Keen Eventing...

April 23, 2019

Welcome to my #dogsquadblog

Hi everyone, my name is Phoebe, number one pooch to eventer Coral Keen, and this year I am looking forward to telling my tales of playing the crucial role of Team Keen lorry dog for M&G.

This will be my 11th season of being the top Labrador/beagle hound in the lorry park and I just couldn’t love my life any more than I do now.

We are a month into our 2019 roadshow, and I’m pretty happy at the moment as we have had only one cancellation so far! The beginning of last year was hell, I would get myself all excited for our outing, only to have multiple false starts, on one occasion we even made it to the event to be turned straight back round, without so much as a passing sniff. I am told it is usually due to rain, but there is nothing I love more than a muddy field! Although Coral seems for some reason to object to my muddy paws, especially if she is wearing white jods….

On arrival at these events up and down England (and on a few occasions Europe, it was a huge moment when I got my first doggy passport!), I always make sure that I go around the course with Coral. Not only am I told its good exercise and excellent for the doggy step count, but it has become a bit of a ritual for me to pose on various enormous obstacles that Coral and one of her many steads negotiate!

When we get back to the lorry, weather dependent, I make sure that I either get a top sunbathing spot outside our maroon wagon, or nestle up on the sofa, ready for pre and post phase cuddles - an absolutely crucial role for any budding lorry dog and a job I feel I have perfected most excellently over the years. Us four legged canine friends can offer real support to our owners through all the highs and lows that eventing throws at them and be top listeners when needed.

So yes 4 weeks in and we have had trips galore! With Coral only getting well and truly lost on one occasion to date….. She took the oddest route to Goring Horse Trials yet, straight through the centre of Reading, what is she like!

I am also pleased to report, that the ratings of food van smells from the 6 events we have been too, remains excellent and a big shout out to the lovely lady who dropped half her sausage at Gatcombe – that really was a delicious treat.

I listen in from time to time, to Coral chatting through her event day whilst driving home and from what I have heard Team Keen have made a good start. Lots of her horses, I have known since day one as they are bred at home, and I loved hearing that my tallest equine friend Ted won his first event at Tweseldown. It was also great to see the little chestnut one Juno at her first BE outing at Larkhill this weekend, it only seems like yesterday that I was inspecting her as a tiny orange fluff ball.

Until next time

Phoebe 🐾

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