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If you’ve been following us on Instagram this week, you will have seen that we headed down to sunny Somerset on Sunday 10th, to help set up for Hiho Silver’s Hiho & Co event at Blackdown Shepherd Huts. The event was on the Monday… but with four workshop spaces and the main room to set up, we needed to get in there early!

Our very own Melanie Clarihew, who is part of the Hiho & Co organising group, led two workshops on the Monday in the Retreat Hut, where she talked about working with brands and what brands expect, content repurposing and scheduling, and answered questions about building a brand and business. But that isn’t where our involvement ended – oh no! 

If you follow the #hihoandco hashtag on Instagram, you might spot us popping up in lots of the images. We made the purple nubuck lanyards with Hiho & Co plain embossed on for each guest, and we also made a personalised luggage tag for each of the goody bags that were given out to the people attending.

The luggage tags are new to us (and are now online too!), so we put them in the goody bags as a first look for the people at the event. And we have been absolutely blown away with the response! We made them using a variety of hair on and plain leathers (depending on who was receiving the tag and their personal style!) and then personalised each one with foil detail for the initials of the recipient. We were so thrilled with the response that we put them online as soon as we got back (well, after sleep!)… so a massive thank you all for being so positive.

We also had a display in the main area alongside Fairfax & Favor and Hiho Silver, and it was lovely to see people looking at and trying on the hats and belts we took. We also styled one of the gorgeous scarves that Joules donated to the goody bags with one of our scarf rings and had that on display in the room too. People loved the scarf – embroidered with the word ‘lovely’, and it really was! 

We loved being part of Hiho & Co… this is the second Hiho event we’ve done and it just continues to get bigger and better. The venue was out of this world, and the guests were all incredible. It was so lovely to be surrounded by such positivity, excitement and a real feeling of community from everyone who attended. It was great to speak to customers, people who are new to us, and people we know and love from social media but hadn’t met in the flesh until Monday! As a brand, we really enjoyed spending time with the Hiho and Fairfax & Favor crew (it has been a few months since our last event… we miss them!!), but also to work with Albion Lifestyle and Saddlemakers, Joules, Cupsmith, Hullabaloo Drinks and The Tartan Blanket Co who provided props and/or goody bag gifts.

And last but not least, we have to give a little shout out to the organising team. Led by Hiho’s Queen Bee, Emma Warren, these ladies are a real force to be reckoned with! From organisational superstar Ruth Chappell (Dressage Anywhere) to our very own flat lay queen Rachel Bragg (Sweet Images Photography), content and social media geek Rhea Freeman to superstar photographer and blogging/vlogging legend Sophie Callahan. It takes months (literally) to pull these events together, but when it works so well and everyone has such a great time, it really is worth every second!


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