Meet Farming Super Star Emma Foot

Meet Farming Super Star Emma Foot

May 28, 2018

In farming every day is different... 

I work on my dads Arable and Beef Farm, and the plan is that I will take over his role of managing the farm eventually. When its dry or the suns out, a lot more jobs can be done such as rolling or drilling. I try to manage my time so that on wet days I can be inside catching up on paper work, as there is rather a lot to do, this can be anything from general record keeping to claiming VAT back or applying for grants. Jobs such as spraying and rodent control are recorded as part of our Red Tractor Farm Assurance Scheme; it's a scheme that is designed to ensure that crops and animals are produced and kept to a high welfare standard and that any unavoidable damage to the environment is minimal.


I recently moved to live on my boyfriend’s farm, well when I say recently it’s coming up to two years and it’s about a 20-minute commute from the family farm.  I don’t get up particularly early; 7:30 most mornings, I have 6 Weetabix then leave. I still have my first car, which is a Mini One, I love it as its small and fun to drive, not very farm friendly though but gets me from A - B!

When I get to the work I take the farm dogs on a nice walk with dad to catch up and work out a plan for the day (all depends on the weather). One of my favourite jobs is fertilising our crops. I just love watching them grow and progress. Two years ago we invested in a very hi tech fertiliser spreader, so you basically have to map out the field then its saved, and through GPS the fertiliser is put on the field, it even works out the relevant rates itself! Once I’ve set this up I just need to stick to the tramlines and the spinner does the work

Emma tractor

In true farming family tradition, my grandparents live 200 yards down the road and my Gran is a keen baker. She cooks dad and I lunch (and pudding too!) everyday -  we're very spoilt! And she even brings up a cooked lunch when were busy combining in the summer.

The end of the day usually means washing off the tractor especially if i'v been fertilising as it can be really corrosive. It's also super important to grease and maintain all of the machinery so it hopefully lasts us a long time. Once I’ve finished  regardless of the time, I then get the dogs in the Land Rover and go for a drive around the crops, looking out for weeds pests or diseases. The dogs love their run back down the track especially now they know tea is at the end of their run!

Emma dog

I usually drive back to my boyfriend's farm to cook tea as he is an agricultural contractor so does very long hours (when the weather's right).  

I am absolutely delighted to be an ambassador for Mackenzie and George and can't wait to show you all more of their lovely pieces.

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