Meet Equine Photographer Extraordinaire, Sophie Callahan

When asked to write a 'day in the life' blog post, by the lovely team at Mackenzie & George, I wasn't entirely sure what kind of day to write about, because truly every day is entirely different.
I'm an equine photographer and country lifestyle blogger. As I’m sure is the same for a lot of equine related jobs, there really is no ‘typical day’ for an me.
One day I’ll be travelling across the country, photographing horses, the next I'll be at a horse show, and the day after that I won’t leave the house, nose deep in editing, blogging and admin. Probably whilst wearing my pyjamas! But I’ve picked a day that is a little more interesting to write about for you, so here goes…
It’s a weekday and I have a photoshoot with two friends and their horses, over in Norfolk...
6.50am: I get up (reluctantly) and throw on whatever comfy clothes happen to be within reach. 7am: Cup of tea!
7.10am: I take my husband, Sam, to the station to catch his train to London.
7.30am: Then I take my Cocker Spaniel, Barney, for a quick walk, so he's happy.
8am: I get home, check emails over a second cup of tea and a slice of toast and then get myself ready to go out. Take camera batteries off charge, clear down memory cards, pack equipment and make sure I have relevant contracts printed out, for my clients to sign.
9.30am: Leave the house.
10am: Meet my lovely friend and makeup artist, Sherrie Warwick, somewhere she can park her car, so that we can travel to the shoot together to save using two lots of petrol. Fill up with petrol and grab some snacks for the two hour journey from Essex to Norfolk.
12noon: Arrive at our shoot in Norfolk.
12.05pm: Meet today’s human and equine models and chat about how the shoot will work.
12.15pm: Sherrie gets set up in the tack room, with all her hair and makeup equipment and starts work on one of the girls, whilst I take the other client and her horse off to the field to start her shoot. Only one of the girls had booked to have their hair and makeup done, which works really well, because it means I can make a start, whilst Sherrie works her makeup magic.
1.15pm (Roughly): After using a few different locations, two outfit changes and various poses, we wander back to the yard where Sherrie is finishing up. We then head back out to the fields, with my second pair of models, to start their part of the shoot.
2.30pm: All done! Both girls and horses have had their shoots. We’ve done a real variety; ridden, in hand, with dogs, solo, both girls together, black background... so I think we’ve covered everything.
2.35pm: Sherrie and I pack up and head off.
2.45pm: On our way home we stop for some food at a quaint local country pub. 4pm: Late lunch finished, we’re off home again.
6pm: I drop Sherrie at her car.
6.30pm: I arrive home.
7pm: I have a blog post scheduled for the following day, from a shoot the week before, so I check that that’s all ready to go, check all my emails, social media messages and then clock off for the evening.
7.30pm: Pick Sam up from the station.
8pm: We've got a Caesar salad for dinner and we spend a couple of hours watching our latest favourite, Suits, on Netflix, before calling it a day.
So there we have it, a typically non-typical day in the life of me!
I'm thrilled to be representing Mackenzie and George and can't wait to show the world just how wonderful they are! 

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