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A Team Keen Trip

Nothing gets my tail wagging more than an eventing stay away! And recently Team Keen headed to Chatsworth for our first sleepover. The moment my dog bed gets loaded into our maroon wagon, I know we are in for a good weekend and this one didn’t disappoint with three wonderful days of lorry park cruising and lapping up all the excellent sights and smells that Chatsworth had on offer.

On arrival, things can sometimes seem a little hectic as the humans try and create temporary homes for horses and themselves. There always seems to be a lot of wheelbarrowing, but the team are super-efficient and everything finds its place quite quickly during this charade I make sure I stay well clear of any trip or loose falling hazards and remain safely on the sofa observing everything that is going on and getting the occasional snuggle when the team need a quick time out.

Once settled the exploring then begins and I am one lucky pooch in the way my owner Coral includes me in all eventing outdoor activities (sometimes slightly against my will, for example when it is raining and chilly during the show-jumping course-walk and the lorry seems like a much cosier option!)

My doggy step count had a pretty high total from Chatsworth, and on top of this the cross-country terrain was mega challenging and it took a fair bit of puff to make it round all the ups and downs. No wonder Coral and the horses are so fit, I was pooped!

However, help was at hand in the form of event buggies miracle machines to cut out that feeling of never-ending event walking when you are slightly snoozy. I find I fit especially well on top of Corals feet in these contraptions (who wouldn’t want a real-life doggy foot warmer?!) My nose was slightly put out of joint when I had to share my buggy space with my doggy amigo Maisie, there really wasn’t room for two canines, we almost needed our own add on trailer....

During our trip, another one of my important roles was keeping guard while Coral plaited (pic below). I like to think of myself as a soothing presence and a key ingredient to creating nice pre competition fengshui. The stable blocks are also a great hunting ground to catch up with doggy pals and catch up over a sniff or two, I got many a compliment from the gang on my smart M&G collar that I wear with pride to these big event outings.

All too quickly our lovely stay seemed to come to a close with the wheelbarrows being revved back up into full packing up mode. It was a great weekend for me and by the sounds of it for Coral and the horses too. I also overheard that our next big trip is not too long away.... a jaunt up to Yorkshire for Bramham in June is our next destination and I cannot wait!

Until next time, woof & licks


Coral Keen's Phoebe watching over plaiting at Chatsworth Horse Trials

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