Introducing the dog squad - our new Dog Collars

Have you seen our gorgeous new dog collar images? They were taken by photographer and brand ambassador Sophie Callahan. Both Barney and Finley feature on Instagram a fair amount, but we thought it would be fun to tell you a but more about these two. They’re beautiful but they’re cheeky chaps!


Barney is the Cocker Spaniel. He belongs to Sophie. He’s eight years old and can do no wrong in her eyes… but some might say he was a teeny bit spoilt (this comes from Sophie, not us!).


Finley is the Chocolate Labrador, who Sophie describes as ‘the devil child who is an absolute hooligan and doesn’t understand why there are things in life he isn’t allowed to do’. Oops! We think he’s lovely! He’s only a year old and belongs to Sophie’s lovely mum. You might see him pop up on various accounts over on Instagram from time to time… keep an eye out for the collar!

Sophie says that both dogs are complete lap dogs and although they’ve never seen a gun in their lives, they like to pretend they’re ‘proper country folk’. Well, they certainly look the part!

A big thanks to Sophie, and Barney and Finley of course, for these lovely pics. To find out more about Sophie and enjoy more of her gorgeous images, see Sophie Callahan Photography. To order your four legged friend a collar, just follow this link.

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