How To Measure For A Dog Collar

We’re really, really excited about our range of dog collars. We can not wait to see your dogs wearing them at game fairs, horse trials and in their day to day lives… but in order to make sure you get the perfect collar for your dog, we’ve put together a measuring guide.
To measure your dog correctly, take a soft tape measure and measure around the dog’s neck where you expect the collar to sit. You want the tape to be fairly snug around the neck, just like a collar would be. Don’t add any on or take any off, we need that measurement. You need to ensure that the measurement isn’t so tight it could compromise the dog’s breathing, but equally you don’t want it loose as it will just slip over the dog’s head.
If you let us know this measurement then we can help you get the right fit for your dog. 
You can use this guide to make sure. Each measurement is one of the 5 holes on the collar, so ideally your dog doesn't want to be in the first or last hole. 
14" Collars Fit: 12½" 13¼" 14" 14¾" 15½"
16" Collars Fit: 14½" 15¼" 16" 16¾" 17½"
18" Collars Fit: 16½" 17¼" 18" 18¾" 19½"
20" Collars Fit: 18½" 19¼" 20" 20¾" 21½"
22" Collars Fit: 20½" 21¼" 22" 22¾" 23½"
In addition to the fit, you have a few more choices to make! We have two different colours available, a number of different styles, and you can have your dog collar personalised too (the size of the collar could limit characters!). You can have it personalised however you like – with your dog’s name, your surname or your phone number. Generally, most people don’t opt for their dog’s name as it could make the dog easier to steal as people might choose to call him by his name. When you’ve decided on what you want the collar to say, you can pick from a debossed finish or foil (gold or silver!).
If you have any questions, please do get in touch. Please note that, as per our belts, personalised dog collars can not be returned.
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