Have you met our Marlborough?

Have you met our Marlborough?

August 10, 2018

We're always busy working away on new pieces, and although our Marlborough isn't a brand new piece, it made its tradestand debut at Badminton this year, and was really popular at The Game Fair too. So we thought it deserved a proper introduction. 

The handmade belt features our branded solid brass cartridge rivets, with four positioned around the belt. Lined in luxury nubuck leather, with stitched feather edging and finished with a solid brass buckle, the Marlborough is a true Mackenzie & George piece that’s perfect for town and country.

“Whenever you bring out a new design, it’s always a bit nerve racking, but seeing how much people love it is so lovely," said Melanie Clarihew, co founder of Mackenzie & George. "We absolutely love seeing how people wear it too, we're starting to get tagged in lots of gorgeous pictures of it on Instagram with it front and centre" 

The Marlborough is available in conker, black or chocolate and is available plain or with personalisation (available as debossed, gold foil or silver foil).  Have a look at it here!

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