Gold, silver or plain emboss? Which option will you pick?


We’re always excited when we get an order for a personalised product. Not only what the customers wants personalised, but which option they pick too. We offer three personalisation options. They’re all great options and all are popular with our customers, but some work better in certain situations. Here’s our guide to our personalisation options…

Gold foil

Gold foil is one of our most popular options and we believe it will carry on being so too! The gold foil offers a subtle shine while still exuding elegance. Even for those who like simplicity, gold foil works incredibly well as it has enough detail to stand out, but doesn’t overshadow the item it’s on. We think that’s a really point about personalisation, it should complement the premium craftsmanship of the leather good and not overshadow it.

Gold foil does work really well with lots of different finishes, but we find that it really complements brown leathers and all shades of brass fittings too. 

Silver foil 

Silver foil, like gold foil, adds a little extra shine to products but, like gold, it doesn’t overshadow the craftsmanship either. The silver foil makes a bit of a statement and works so well with navy or black and silver fittings particularly.

Plain Embossing 

Plain embossing (although technically its actually a Blind deboss!) is a timeless option that will never go out of fashion, goes with everything and is a works well with all leather and fitting colours. Blind deboss will never show signs of wear apart from creases and stay in place permanently as it is. 

We recommend blind deboss for keyring options for people who need a slightly more robust finish.

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