Anatomy of a best seller

wycombe shotgun cartridge belt with labeled details on its design

Celebrating 10 years as a bestseller, our signature Wycombe belt has revolutionised the casual jeans belt with its unique and easily recognisable shotgun cartridge detailing. Initially, the design featured real spent cartridges that were recycled, but we quickly found that the quality of the metal used was subpar and resulted in rapid rusting. To remedy this, we created our own solid brass cartridges that will never rust and add to the belt's branded look.


A Designer's Eye

While some may feel that the Wycombe's buckle is too large before trying it on, we designed it to balance out the wide loop required for the cartridge. Together, they are perfectly balanced, and once worn, customers love the look the buckle creates.



Built to Last

Like all our products, the Wycombe belt is built to last. Made from one solid full-grain vegetable tanned leather piece that has been hand-finished in a pull-up wax, it gains a unique patina and beautiful character quickly. Scuffs or scratches can be easily polished out, and we spend a great deal of time shaping, polishing, and painting the edges to create a premium finish that not only looks good but feels great to the touch.



The Future

The Wycombe is now available in a slender 30mm version, and we are launching it in new colours this winter. We would love to hear what colours you would like to see! If you love the style but prefer not to have the cartridge detailing, check out one of our original designs, The Worthing.


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