5 ways to personalise your Mackenzie & George

5 ways to personalise your Mackenzie & George

You know we love a bit of personalisation at Mackenzie & George, but if you’re on the fence about personalisation or need a little inspiration when it comes to what to have, we’re here to help.
The thing is, while lots of our lovely customers have their belts, keyrings and clutches personalised, there’s more than one thing they have on them... so here are five ways to personalise your belts, clutch bags and keyrings.

1. Initials. Let’s start with the obvious- initials! Personalising your leather products with initials, whether it’s one, two, three or more, is perhaps the most popular personalisation we do. 

2. Dates. Personalising a gift with a date can be a really special way to celebrate a special occasion. Special birthday? Wedding anniversary? The day your child was born? There’s lots of reasons to add a date- our keyrings are perfect for this.

3. Your name/nickname. If you have a fairly short name or nickname, you might be able to fit it on your new belt, clutch bag or keyring. Like the monogram, this can make it feel really special.

4. Building or car. If you have lots of keys and a distinct lack of how to identify them, this idea is perfect. Add a short name for your building or car- a pretty way to identify something, and it’ll save you time too! 

5. More than one thing! We’ve had a few keyrings recently where the front of a keyring has one thing, like the couples’ initials, and the back had the wedding date. 
Of course, you can personalise your M&G however you like! If you’re not sure if what you want will fit on the product you want, just call us or email us and we’ll do our best to help you out!

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